Nature Connection

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 100!


Nature Connection Challenge - Day 100 - Spend 100 Minutes Outside OR Find 100 Nature Items

Today is our 100th day of nature connection challenges! After today we are moving on to a new daily blog post to share - stay tuned!

There are two challenges today - choose one or do both! Challenge #1 is to spend 100 minutes outside doing whatever you like. If this challenge seems to easy for you (maybe you spend hours outdoors anyway), then try the Challenge #2: Find 100 nature items. 100 birds. 100 wi…

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 99

nc 99

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 99 - Make Clover Blossom Flour

Today’s challenge involves red and/or white clover blossoms - they are edible and they can be used in baking as a flour! Because clover blossom flour won’t hold up the same way grain flours do, you should only substitute up to 1/4 or 1/3 cup of the flour in your recipe with clover flour. The clover flour adds a different flavor as well as plenty of nutrients.

To make clover flour: gather 2 or more cups of red and/or white clover …

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 98

nc 98

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 98 - Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Today is the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year. It is a great day to celebrate all the sun does for us and soak up some rays. Today, make time to watch the sun rise or set. Watch nature paint the sky with light and be grateful for all the ways that sunlight supports life on our planet.

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 97

nc 97

Nature Connection Challenge Day 97 - Build a Raft and Test It in Water

Today’s challenge is to build a small raft (or make it as big as you like!) out of any material you can find outside or in: popsicle sticks, twigs, leaves, bark, or even an orange peel! Once you have a raft built, go outside to test it in water. If you don’t have access to a stream, pond or other body of water for this, fill a bowl or bucket with water to test your raft. Does it sink? Float? How long does it stay afloat? Hav…

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 96

nc day 96

Nature Connection Challenge Day 96 - Paint with Mud!

The challenge for today is to paint with mud! Use paint brushes or just do some good ol’ finger painting. Paint on paper, rocks or even yourself. :)

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 95

nc 95

Nature Connection - Day 95- Bark Rubbings

There is a lot of variation in the bark of different trees. Learning to notice these differences helps us become more nature literate. Today’s challenge is a fun way to learn more about the bark of the trees growing in your area.

Bark rubbing:

  1. You’ll need some paper and crayons or oil pastels.

  2. Choose an area in your yard or on a trail and locate several different types of trees.

  3. Put your paper on the tree bark and gently rub your crayon …

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 94

nc 94

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 94 - Visit a Body of Water

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. Sand under our toes and crashing waves can soothe and energize us. Science tells us that bodies of water produce negative ions in the air. When we breathe in these ions it increases the serotonin in our brains, making us feel energized and relaxed. In a modern world that’s full of stress, taking time to go to the ocean, a lake or waterfall can be just the reset we need.

Today’s challenge …

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 93

nc 93

Nature Connection Challenge Day 93 - Make a Nature Table

We challenge you to create a nature table in your home today!

A nature table is a space in your home that brings the outdoors in and honors the earth and the seasons. Some might call it a seasonal table. Once you have decided on a table or space (it could be an area on a bookshelf or a window sill, rather than a table), you can decorate it with special nature objects, a potted plant, a nature book or two that perhaps focuses on the curre…

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 92

nc 92

Nature Connection Challenge Day 92 - Create Shadow Art

Find a partner and go find a place to stand in the sun. While one person stands, in whatever position they’d like, allow the other person to lay twigs around their shadow. Then switch places and repeat the  process. Afterwards, perhaps you want to fill the outline of your shadow with whatever treasures you can find. Have fun and enjoy your time. Share with us the story of your experience in whatever way feels right to you. We look forward t…

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Nature Connection Challenge - Day 91

nc 91

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 91 - Have a Camp Out

Sleeping outdoors can be a great way to attune your body to the rhythms of nature, unwind, and have some unplugged fun. You don’t have to go far from home to enjoy a night out under the stars, though. If you can’t get to a faraway camping destination, try pitching a tent in your backyard or find a local campground. Enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of nature and waking up to sunlight and birds chirping.

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