A group of like-minded individuals who share a deep love of nature and a commitment to Through The Trees' mission



Marcia is the Founder, Executive Director of Through The Trees and Chair of The Board. She has a unique blend of life experience -she is a Mother, Wife, Lover of Life, Entrepreneur, and has spent the last 15 years directly leading and Consulting in Business operations for multi-functional teams.   Marcia grew up immersed in the natural beauty of Maine spending her childhood drenched in backpacking local mountains, swimming and paddling off the coast and on the pristine rivers, lakes, and waterfalls throughout Northern New England.  Marcia brings her love of nature, fun, focus and intuition into creating magic for all who come into contact with her.

Marcia’s Certifications:

CTI trained Life Coach
200-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher
2nd Degree Black Belt
First Aid & CPR (Adult & Pediatric)
Registered Maine Guide



Trent is the Director of Facilities and Grounds and a Guide in Youth Nature Immersion programs. He is a Father, Husband, Carpenter and Natural Teacher. He has been a practitioner of the ancient healing and protective arts for over 20 years. Much of his youth was spent trekking through the Maine woods which is the foundation for his natural, patient and calm teaching style - Trent has a way of bringing his connection to nature into all that he does.

Trent’s Certifications:
25 Years Carpentry (including building his own home)
200-Hour Jaguar Path Yoga Teacher
3rd Degree Black Belt
Licensed Massage Therapist
First Aid & CPR (Adult & Pediatric)
Registered Maine Guide



Jenn is the Director of Youth Programs. She has a natural gift engaging children. Jenn began working with children in her early teens. Her compassion, intuition, mindful interaction, and skill has grown exponentially over the years. Whether she is facilitating team-building challenges, assisting in wilderness education programs for tween, or designing and planting a garden with homeschoolers, Jenn guides children to discover their passions and develop a strong sense of self.

Jenn’s Certifications:
Serve Safe (Food Preparation Certification)
First Aid & CPR (Adult & Pediatric)
Currently training to become a Registered Maine Guide



Kendall is a our Director of Adult Programs and Marketing Director. She is a nature enthusiast, homeschooling mom, a holistic health practitioner of over 10 years and co-author of the cookbook, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen. Kendall is a Guide in our youth Nature Immersion programs and offers Full Moon Circles and classes on wild edible plants, herbal & plant spirit medicine, forest mindfulness, and wilderness survival. Kendall believes as technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, it is vital to foster a connection with the Earth, especially for our children, so they may carry this healing relationship with nature into the future.

Kendall’s Certifications:
Registered Maine Guide
Forest Therapy Guide
Certified Health Coach (American Association Drugless Practitioners)
First Aid & CPR (Adult & Pediatric)

Emily is a Guide in our Youth Nature Immersion programs. She has traveled the country exploring numerous philosophies, cultures, and approaches to life. She has made it her mission to discover for herself what it means to live in truth. As she develops her own teaching style, she allows her intuition to guide her. Emily trusts that with a truthful heart, a strong intention, a sensitivity to the environment, and the magic of synchronicities, the world opens doors. She is constantly inspired by others and is excited to learn from them just as much as they can learn from her as they explore the wonders of nature together.

Emily’s Certifications:
First Aid & CPR Certified
Certified Jaguar Path Shamanic Healer
Currently training to become a Registered Maine Guide



Jules grew up in upstate NY, spending time hiking and camping in the Adirondack and Green mountains. A natural love for the outdoors led Jules to a career with LLBean as a Customer Service Leader and a life in Maine, spending many years connecting people to nature. Jules is grateful that this path has led to their current role at Devoted Health, a Medicare advantage plan, where they trains and leads with mindfulness, teaching people how to actively listen with empathy and speak with compassion. Jules is thrilled to bring all these experiences to the table and be a part of Through The Trees, offering guided meditations and other mindfulness tools in adult programs.