Nature Connection Challenge - Day 99

nc 99

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 99 - Make Clover Blossom Flour

Today’s challenge involves red and/or white clover blossoms - they are edible and they can be used in baking as a flour! Because clover blossom flour won’t hold up the same way grain flours do, you should only substitute up to 1/4 or 1/3 cup of the flour in your recipe with clover flour. The clover flour adds a different flavor as well as plenty of nutrients.

To make clover flour: gather 2 or more cups of red and/or white clover blossoms (leaves are fine too, but will have a stronger taste). Lay them out to dry for a few hours, not in direct sunlight (the sunlight will deplete some of the nutrients in the blossoms). Once dry, grind the blossoms using a coffee grinder, food processor or use a little elbow grease and grind the blossoms with a mortar and pestle!

Once you have ground the blossoms into a course powder, you can use immediately in baking or store in the freezer for later use. Another option: toss your clover flour into the blender with fruits, veggies and some liquid like milk, juice or water to make a smoothie!


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