Oak for Teens

Homeschool Nature Immersion, Outing Club & Wilderness Trips

About Oak

In our Oak programs, teens have opportunities to connect with other teens while exploring the wonders of the natural world throughout the beautiful state of Maine. Teens are hardwired to seek new experiences, take risks, connect with one another, find purpose and develop a sense of self. Our teen programs offer a variety of ways to help meet them where they're at and give them opportunities to push past the edges of their comfort zones through fun and meaningful experiences.

Whether exploring local natural wonders through our outing club, camping out at our Freeport campus or sharing survival skills on multi-day wilderness trips, our Guides are passionate about sharing their love for the outdoors and creating a thriving community that supports teens in emotional intelligence, problem solving, communication skills, resilience, self-awareness and self-confidence while fostering love and respect for the earth. 

We invite teens to be fully present at our gatherings and ask our participants to leave phones and electronic devices at home to maximize their experience with us. 

Teen Offerings

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Homeschool Nature Immersion

Mondays, Sept 2023-May 2024
9:30AM to 3:00PM
Ages 14-17

Oak Outing Club

Weekly & Seasonal
Ages 14-17

Wilderness Trips

Multi Day & Night
Ages 12-17

Teen Guides

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Pennie Schwartz


Trent Griffin

Marcia Griffin

*As a 501(c)3 non profit organization, we strive to make our programs available and affordable for as many families as possible. We are always balancing this with the expenses of operating a business, which includes our desire to hire and retain passionate, skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Unfortunately program tuition does not cover our costs. Funding through donationssupporting a homeschooler, sponsorships and events contribute to our scholarship fund and other expenses. We are grateful for every dollar that helps to sustain Through the Trees and our mission to guide others in meaningful nature immersion experiences.