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Our peaceful, natural setting at Through the Trees is the perfect place to experience a class on herbal wellness, foraging, plant identification, yoga, forest bathing or various wilderness skills. Whether you are drinking tea foraged from the surrounding forest, making a wellness tincture of dandelion and plantain, or embracing nature’s healing powers on a guided walk, you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Many of our classes are also now offered virtually.

CREATE A CLASS! If you have a group you would like to bring to Through the Trees to experience a nature-focused class or workshop, please email Transform@throughthetrees.org, and we will be happy to create a special class just for you!

Upcoming events

  • (2 hrs)
    June Full Moon Circle with Drumming

    For centuries many cultures have followed the phases of the moon, aligning routines and rituals with the cyclical energies. T…

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    For centuries many cultures have followed the phases of the moon, aligning routines and rituals with the cyclical energies. The Full Moon is known to be nourishing, powerful and symbolic of the divine feminine. It is a time to create space, get quiet, reflect and celebrate!

    This Full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, named by Native American Algonquin tribes after this time when wild strawberries usually begin to ripen. At this moon circle, we can begin to release all that does not serve our highest good, allowing space for manifestation of our deepest desires for ourselves and the collective.

    Our Full Moon Circle will take place in our beautiful forested setting in Freeport. We will meet next to the parking area to take a short hike (less than 0.2 miles, easy, mostly flat) to our campfire location. Enjoy some herbal flower tea from local herbalist, Herbage by Bex, and join us around the fire as we offer a discussion of full moon energy, guided meditation, some Qi gong movements, and a fire burning ceremony. We will also have the chance to write down and, if desired, share aloud what we want to release and what we want to celebrate (bringing more of this into our lives)! We will be holding a special drum circle under this full moon – no experience required!

    Please bring your own cup for tea. Please be sure to dress warmly. For ages 14 and up.

    Items to bring:

    Cup/mug for tea

    Journal or notebook and pen/pencil

    Flashlight or headlamp

    Comfortable, warm clothing

    Blanket (optional)

    Folding chair (optional – stump and bench seating is available)

    Drums will be provided, but if you would like to bring your own, please do!

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  • Through The Trees

    “We did forest bathing and learned about trees and sustainable use of tree parts for tea and tinctures. The fresh air, nice people, and warm campfire were such a welcome change to the hustle and bustle. It really helped me feel centered and grounded, and I can’t wait to try making Tree tea at home.”

    Scarborough, ME

  • Through The Trees

    “It was so nice to connect with people in nature over tea and share and learn together about the full moon. The releasing ceremony was just what I needed to get rid of what no longer serves me and make room for more positive things in my life. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace and contentment.”

    Freeport, ME