Meet Our Board Members

We are so excited to have assembled this group of amazing, smart and talented individuals to help guide Through The Trees in delivering our vision and mission to our community!





Kristi Sanfasin is a mother of 3 living and working in Portland, ME. She has spent her career in the insurance industry with a focus on project management. She brings to the Board an innate desire for organization and drive for success. She looks forward to supporting the Board through collaboration, peer accountability and humor.


AMANDA COTE, Treasurer

Amanda is a proven financial leader with over a decade of experience working in government, non-profit, and private sector accounting. She runs her own accounting, bookkeeping and consulting business out of Scarborough, ME. She has two young children who will likely be future Through The Trees attendees. She loves connecting with nature and has always found that connection to be very grounding.



Corie’s love of the outdoors started early, in tiny patches of conserved prairies and forests in suburban Chicago. For most of her adult life, she has enjoyed exploring Maine’s amazing woods and waters while working in the social service and environmental education fields. Corie is currently an ecotherapist (a licensed mental health counselor with a focus on nature connected healing) in private practice in Freeport. She loves this opportunity to combine her passions for being with people in hard times, connecting people with the planet, and spending time in right relationship with nature.

Click here to learn more about Corie’s practice!



Jules grew up in upstate NY, spending time hiking and camping in the Adirondack and Green mountains and later volunteering as a youth soccer coach and at Headstart. A natural love for the outdoors led Jules to a career with LLBean as a Customer Service Leader and a life in Maine, spending many years connecting people to nature. Jules moved on to working as a mindfulness leader in the corporate world, teaching people how to actively listen with empathy and speak with compassion. Jules loves spending time with her five-year-old nephew and rescue dog Pepper, especially going on outdoor adventures. Currently, Jules is in a two-year training for Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification and is thrilled to bring all these experiences to Through The Trees.