Through The Trees is On Fire!!


We have had an amazing Fall at Through The Trees! This Fall has been a time to get to know each other, explore our interests, and enjoy lots of playtime in nature. We have done some debris shelter building, campfire cooking and nature art projects, learned about basic tool use and foraged for wild foods. As the days have gotten shorter we have enjoyed being outside after dark with opportunities for stargazing, flashlight tag and enjoying sitting around the campfire together.

Our focus for the months of December and January will be Fire. Fire is an essential part of what it means to be human. We invite the kids to experience fire as a way to connect with our ancestors, tune into our senses and build community. We also invite them to engage with fire as a survival skill. We begin with basic fire safety and progress through understanding the elements of fire and how to responsibly build and light fires with a variety of methods.

We have had great success in guiding children toward a healthy relationship with fire at Through The Trees. The natural consequences associated with this activity often allow us to see a different level of maturity and responsibility in even our youngest participants. Learning to safely master fire building is a great way to practice patience, focus and builds confidence.


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