Icy Adventures


Our Camp Woodland Homeschool Program friends had an amazing day this week exploring Mother Nature’s wintery gifts. The morning began with lots of smiles and giggles, sliding down some icy trails on the grass. It was pretty fast! Afterward, a short hike through the woods on the trail down to Camp Ironwood resulted in the discovery of some beautiful icicles. The sunlight shining through the trees made the dripping icicles sparkle and the green moss almost glowed. It was a magical place!

The children then decided to leave the trail and climb up the side of the steep hill, looking out for each other and offering help along the way. Their faces revealed pure delight and a true sense of accomplishment when they finally reached the top.

After lunch we practiced some holiday carols around the campfire with our older friends at Camp Evergreen, then went indoors to sing for the elderly members of the Adult Day Center, located at Sky-Hy. This was a special event for both the Adult Day Center members and the kids, who gave a knock-out performance!

We now take a two-week break for the holidays and look forward to many more fun days ahead in the new year!


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