Water Boiling Challenge


This week at many of our programs we gave kids the opportunity to try a water boiling challenge. The task was this: make a fire, melt some snow, boil the water.

We have been exploring all things fire since December and many of our participants have made so much progress understanding how fire works, how to be safe around a fire, and how to build and light a fire using only materials from our landscape. Below the surface, the timeless act of making fire has taught us about patience, resilience and learning to read nature’s cues. Fires don’t always work out on the first try. Sometimes the conditions can be very challenging and we get frustrated, but we persevere because we really want to master this skill.

The water boiling challenge is a great way to show ourselves how much we’ve learned and what we have yet to learn. By and large, most of the kids were successful and were clearly very proud of their success. Knowing how to make a fire for warmth and cooking and to make potable water is a fundamental skill for surviving comfortably in the Maine winter.

Can you master the water boiling challenge?


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