Nature Connection Challenge - Day 2


Day Two Challenge - Nature Art and Mandalas

A mandala is a circle organized around a central point. In Asian cultures it holds spiritual and ritualistic symbolism and is used in prayer in meditation as a representation of the Universe. It is believed by many that creating and then focusing on the mandala, moving your focus toward its center, sets an intention of moving toward peace and joy on Earth and in the Universe.

Your challenge today is to go for a walk in nature and collect items to create a nature mandala, and if you wish, share a photo of your mandala with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Creating a mandala with nature items is a healing and fun way to connect with nature. When choosing items for the mandala, you may wish to take time to feel what items you are drawn to and if they hold certain meaning or energies for you. Be sure to be mindful of not over-picking leaves or flowers from living trees and plants. Rocks, acorns, stones, sticks, fallen leaves, pine cones, and shells are just a few items you may find and feel drawn to in creating your mandala.

Once you have collected your items, find a spot to arrange them into your mandala. There is no wrong way to do this - simply place items where you feel they belong. You may wish to create your mandala underneath a special tree, in the middle of a trail in the woods for others to see, or on your front steps. When your mandala is complete take a moment to focus on the objects in it, moving your gaze/focus to its center, taking a few deep breaths. As you do this, set an intention for yourself and/or the Earth and Universe on this day.


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