Nature Connection Challenge - Day 5

day 5

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 5 - Foraging

Today’s Challenge - Make Pine Needle Tea

1. Go out in nature.

2. Locate a white pine tree (look for longer needles in groups of 5!). Other pines, fir, spruce or hemlock make good tea too.

3. Collect some needles.

4. Use the needles to make tea.

White pine is a tree that is plentiful in Maine, and has many medicinal qualities. Pine needles are very high in vitamin C and have antiviral and antibacterial qualities. White pine tea was used extensively by Native Americans and was adopted by early American settlers as a way to fight and treat illness. Drinking pine needle tea is a great way to build your local herbal knowledge with hands-on experience. 

Pine Needle Tea Recipe

2 tablespoons fresh pine needles
1 cup boiled, hot water
Honey to taste


  • Remove the fresh, unblemished pine needles from the pine branches.  Rinse the needles in cold water.

  • Using herb scissors or a sharp knife, cut the pine needles into smaller pieces.  Discard any brown bits.

  • Place the pine needles in a tea strainer.  Place the tea strainer in a mug.  Pour boiled water into the mug, over the pine needles.  Cover to inhibit the volatile oil from escaping in the steam.  Steep for 5 minutes.

  • Remove the strainer from the mug.  Add honey to sweeten the pine needle tea.

  • Drink while warm and enjoy

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