Nature Connection Challenge - Day 7

day 7

Nature Connection Challenge -Day 7- Get outside and PLAY!

Research suggests that one of the most important elements for healthy development in humans and even animals is play. It is easy to look at play as frivolous, but it is an essential part of supporting physical, emotional and mental health for all ages.

So, today’s challenge is to make time for play. If you have a child in your family, ask them to guide you in a playful activity. Really follow their lead and embrace a playful mindset.

If you don’t have a young child to guide you, here are some playful ideas :

-Imagine that you are an animal. Walk through the woods and look for food or a home.
- Invent a game using just what you can find in your yard; pinecones, sticks and rocks can become balls and goal posts, or spears and targets
-Play “The Ground is Lava.” Try to navigate a portion of woods without touching the ground.
-Build a fairy house or stick fort.

Have FUN!


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