Nature Connection Challenge - Day 9

day 9\
Nature Connection Challenge - Day 9 - Nature Art and Faces

Today’s challenge is to create a face in nature, using natural materials, and there are many ways to do this! Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Use clay to make a face on a tree or tree stump

  • Use sticks, rocks and other natural materials to create a face on the ground

  • Make a face on the forest floor using only acorns

  • Use shells or rocks to make a face in the sand, soil or snow

  • Use water to paint a face on a rock

You may wish to take this challenge a step further and see if you notice any “faces” in your natural surroundings that are already there: the shape of a rock, a pattern in the bark on a tree, or perhaps a cloud in the sky. Use your imagination and see what you can find!


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