Nature Connection Challenge - Day 10

day 10
Nature Connection Challenge - Day 10 - Express Your Gratitude

We are living in a time of uncertainty. Many of our lives have been upended as the world adjusts to a new reality. It is natural for the mind to try and make sense of these changes, but often we find ourselves in a flurry of thoughts, worries and negativity. Gratitude is an amazing antidote to negativity. Gratitude helps us wake up to the magic that is already all around us.

Today’s challenge begins with a walk in nature. If you’re not able to get out, dedicate a period of time to just look out the window at the natural world. As you notice what is happening in nature, begin to express your gratitude for all the life and beauty around you. This can be out loud or in your head. If you are walking with a family member, tell them what you are grateful for. Now, form your gratitudes into a prayer or poem, to inspire you when negativity starts to creep in. Write it down, hang it on your wall, or share it with the Through The Trees family on Instagram or Facebook.


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