Nature Connection Challenge - Day 15

day 15

Nature Connection Challenge Day 15 - Exploring the Sense of Touch

Find a place (can be outdoors or inside) where you can be relaxed and feel safe. Just noticing. Take a few deep breaths. It may take a few moments to fully arrive in the moment, give yourself permission to fully arrive.

  • Close your eyes or if you prefer, slightly close them.

  • Feel how the earth below your feet/body supports you and how you are surrounded by other living things... how your thoughts arise and fall away…how your breath goes in and out...welcoming all of it.

  • Think of your hands/skin as sensors feeling pressure, texture and temperature. Noticing qualities such as pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral.

  • Notice the various components of touch...the sequence in which they become apparent. How long do they endure in your awareness? How each component interacts with and modifies the others.

  • While you do this have a gentle awareness of any feelings or sensations that may arise.

We wonder what this exploration of sensation will allow you to notice?
We'd love to hear about your experiences!


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