Nature Connection Challenge - Day 30

day 30
Nature Connection Challenge - Day 30 - Patterns in Nature

If you look closely, you will find many patterns in nature. A pattern doesn’t necessarily need be a design that repeats or is symmetrical, which is how we usually learn to recognize a pattern. While this holds true, a pattern could also be something that is not regular and repeating, but isn’t totally random. Think of the bark on a tree. The ridges and shapes may reveal a pattern. Other types of patterns like spirals can be found in some flowers and mollusk shells. Consider the edge of a leaf - is it smooth or toothed? Perhaps there is a pattern in the way water drips from a rock or trickles in a stream. Consider patterns in the seasons, life cycles of plants and animals, the sun’s light over time. Patterns in nature are endless!

Your challenge today is to find patterns in nature. If you feel so inspired, paint, draw or photograph some patterns to share!


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