Nature Connection Challenge - Day 41

day 41
Nature Connection Challenge - Day 41 - Learn About Natural Fire Starting Material

Today’s challenge is to learn about and try to locate different natural fire starting materials. Knowing how to get a fire going with only natural materials in your surroundings is handy and potentially life-saving. In a survival situation, being able to build a fire is vital for warmth, boiling water to disinfect, cooking food, and keeping predators away. Even with camping, a fire is often utilized for warmth and cooking.

Today we challenge you to locate these fire starting materials in nature. If you would like to enjoy a campfire in your backyard today, try starting it using one or some of these materials.* Keep in mind these materials are fore starting a fire, in lieu of newspaper or similar. Sticks and woods of increasing size will need to be added to grow and maintain the fire.

  • Birch bark. Look for dead birch trees, so as not to harm living ones. These trees have white bark that will light easily even when wet! Peeling or cutting away a small amount will work well to start a fire.

  • Pine cones. Dry pine or other conifer cones can be quite flammable, especially if they have pitch on them. If you find wet ones, you would need to dry them in the sun for them to work as a fire starter.

  • Pine needles. Again, these need to be dead and dry for them to start a fire. Green needles won’t work, but can be laid out in the sun to dry for later use.

  • Citrus peels. You aren’t likely to find these in the woods unless you live in an area where citrus trees grow, but if you have an orange as a snack in the woods, save those peels! They will need to be dried first.

To learn more skills like these, be sure to check out our online nature programs for youth and adults!


*Always use caution when building and maintaining a campfire. Build it in a contained area. Be sure to supervise children and have water nearby to douse flames quickly if needed. This information is for informational purposes only (see disclaimer).


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