Nature Connection Challenge - Day 51

day 51
Nature Connection Challenge Day 51 - Climb a Tree!

Today’s challenge is to climb a tree!

Climbing a tree can be a thrilling experience for a kid (or an adult!) - taking on the challenge and being able to see surroundings from a much higher angle - it’s pretty exciting! Most kids are naturally inclined to climb sensibly, not going too high and doing what feels comfortable to him/her. However, it can be helpful to discuss a few tips to make climbing safer, easier and less stressful for the onlooking parent.

1) Make sure the tree isn’t rotting or dead. Check the roots or base of the tree for large cracks, and look for rotting wood and fungi growing on it, which can indicate a dead or dying tree.

2) Discuss the “rule of three.” While most kids will do this naturally, this can be a helpful climbing rule to remember. Always have three points on the tree, whether it’s two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand. This reduces the likelihood of falling, though experts such as Dr. Mark Holton, Director of Cornell Tree Climbing say kids don’t fall out of trees nearly as much as we might think.

3) Go down the way you went up. If your child is having a difficult time getting down, this tip can help him/her navigate the way back down more easily.


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