Nature Connection Challenge - Day 54

daya 54
Nature Connection Challenge Day 54 - Go Outside at Night

We challenge you to get outdoors when it gets dark and go for a little walk around your yard or down your street, if it’s safe to do so. Or, if you wish, grab a blanket and get snuggly on your front steps or lawn while you observe the night.

The natural world is an amazing place at night. The sounds are different from the daytime and if the sky is clear you can always star or moon gaze. In fact, May 7th was a full moon, so getting outside tonight will allow you to see see an almost full moon as it enters the waning phase.

We know that it’s not uncommon for children to be afraid of the dark. Bringing kids outdoors at night to observe the sights and sounds in darkness can help to alleviate these fears and begin to appreciate the Earth’s nighttime beauty.


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