Nature Connection Challenge - Day 57

day 57
Nature Connection Challenge Day 57 - Observe & Draw Nature’s Web of Inter-Beings

Grab your journal or something to sketch/draw on, go outdoors and find a spot where you can sit. Take a few slow and deep breaths to center your attention and calm yourself. Notice the nature beings around you and create a web by drawing lines from one being to another when there is a connection. Are there any connections between them or you? 

For example, I notice a chickadee on the branch of the birch tree. On my map I draw  myself, the chickadee and the birch tree. I draw a line from myself to the chickadee because I like being around the chickadee. Next I draw a line from the chickadee to the birch tree. Why does the chickadee like the birch tree?  I notice a mushroom growing under the birch. I draw a line from the birch to the mushroom. That’s another inter-being connection. It’s as easy as that. As you make more connections a web should start to appear on your map. What are you noticing about your map?

Have fun and enjoy your time.  If you are not able to go outdoors then perhaps you can journal as you sit in front of a window. Share with us the story of your beings in whatever way feels right to you. We look forward to seeing and hearing about them!


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