Nature Connection Challenge - Day 60

day 60

Nature Connection Challenge - Day 60 - Activate the Vestibular System

Remember when you were a young child, how good it felt to spin around until you were dizzy then fall down laughing in the grass? Well it turns out that when you did that, you were actually doing something very important - activating your vestibular sense. We are all taught at a young age about our five senses, but we rarely hear about this other sensory system. The vestibular system is what contributes to balance, spacial orientation and coordinating movement. This system uses information from our eyes inner ear and gross motor movements to help us maintain our desired position in space. It is important for people of all ages to activate and exercise this sense to help us maintain balance and agility.

Here are some activities to try today to activate and strengthen your vestibular system:

  • swing on a swing or hammock

  • walk on a balance beam

  • do cartwheels or somersaults

  • spin around until you get dizzy

  • hang upside-down, or do an inverted yoga pose

  • walk or run around obstacles- go over, under, and through

  • log roll down a grassy hill

Today, take a few moments to do one or more of these activities and notice what your vestibular system does for you.


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