Nature Connection Challenge - Day 64

day 64
Nature Connection Challenge Day 64 - Notice Shadow and Light

The focus of this invitation is Shadow and Light. Simply go outside and notice the interplay between Shadow and Light. You can walk and wander or just sit in a spot. 

  • You may notice temperature changes such as when a cloud moves and covers the sunlight.

  • You may notice subtle emotional changes such as feelings of happiness as the sunlight warms your body.

  • You may notice shapes or textures. 

  • You may be captivated by the movement of shadow or light and how they interact with the other beings of the place you are at.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.  If you are not able to go outdoors then perhaps you can sit by a window and notice from that spot. Would you care to share your noticings?  Share with us in whatever way feels right to you. We look forward to hearing your stories!


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