Nature Connection Challenge - Day 78

day 78

Nature Connection Challenge Day 78 - Try This Outside/Inside Invitation

The focus for this invitation is to notice with your senses what’s on the outside and how that makes you feel on the inside. Go out to a place in nature where you feel safe and comfortable and either walk/wander or sit/lay and take in your surroundings. With each sense you will ask, “What do I notice (on the outside)?” Then ask, “What do I feel (on the inside)?”

Example: Sight: Outside I see flowers, and Inside I feel joy. Ask this question 3 times for each sense and then move on to the next.

Hearing: Outside I hear? Inside I feel?
Smell: Outside I smell? Inside I feel?
Touch: Outside I feel? Inside I feel?
Sense: Outside I sense? Inside I feel?
Finish with “ I am grateful for?

Have fun and enjoy your time.  If you are not able to go outdoors then perhaps you can sit in front of an open window. Share with us the story of your experience in whatever way feels right to you. We look forward to hearing about them!



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