Nature Connection Challenge - Day 83

nc 83

Nature Connection Challenge Day 83 - Establish a Sit Spot Outside


Today we challenge you to locate a place that can be a designated Sit Spot outside. this place should feel safe, comfortable and ideally be a place you can visit daily or a few times a week. It may be a spot on the ground under a tree. It could be a rock by a stream. Perhaps it’s a grassy area in your backyard or even on your front steps. If you are not able to get outside, making a comfortable space by a window overlooking the world outdoors can also be a Sit Spot.

Once you have found a sit spot location that you are happy with, sit or lie down and get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and just be. Notice the happenings around you. Observe the tree, plant, animal, and insect beings. Use your senses to hear, smell, feel, see, and even taste your surroundings. Close your eyes, if you wish.

Establishing a Sit Spot space and including making time - even 5 minutes - to visit this spot daily helps to strengthen your connection to nature, which in turn relieves stress and supports overall wellness. Sit Spot is something both adults and children can do. Children may need to begin with only a couple minutes of quiet in their sit spot, and may wish to increase that duration as they are able.


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