Nature Connection Challenge - Day 93

nc 93

Nature Connection Challenge Day 93 - Make a Nature Table

We challenge you to create a nature table in your home today!

A nature table is a space in your home that brings the outdoors in and honors the earth and the seasons. Some might call it a seasonal table. Once you have decided on a table or space (it could be an area on a bookshelf or a window sill, rather than a table), you can decorate it with special nature objects, a potted plant, a nature book or two that perhaps focuses on the current season, crafts or anything else that seems right for your table. In the photo above, the two books are Flower Fairies of the Spring (which is switched out with the other books each season: Flower Fairies of the Summer, Flower Fairies of the Autumn, and Flower Fairies of the Winter), and The Story of the Root Children.

You may choose to add an item to your table if you are outside and find a feather or a perfect stone that seems to belong on it. You may also wish to change your table with the seasons! A summer table with seashells, a bouquet of flowers and a toy boat on blue fabric, for example, would represent that time in nature quite differently than a winter table with items like pine cones, evergreen twigs, and a book like Animals in Winter.

While this is a lot of fun for children, creating a nature table or space in your home as an adult can be very enjoyable and helps to bring the peaceful, healing energies of the earth indoors.


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