Nature Connection Challenge - Day 95

nc 95

Nature Connection - Day 95- Bark Rubbings

There is a lot of variation in the bark of different trees. Learning to notice these differences helps us become more nature literate. Today’s challenge is a fun way to learn more about the bark of the trees growing in your area.

Bark rubbing:

  1. You’ll need some paper and crayons or oil pastels.

  2. Choose an area in your yard or on a trail and locate several different types of trees.

  3. Put your paper on the tree bark and gently rub your crayon or pastel over the bark to capture its pattern. See if you can identify the types of trees you are doing the rubbings of.

  4. If you do this with a friend or family member, you can trade rubbings and see if you can find which bark pattern goes with which tree.


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