Local Natural Wonders - Day 1


Local Natural Wonders Day 1 - Florida Lake in Freeport, ME

For the last 100 days we have shared nature connection challenges to help get you outside, enjoying all the natural world has to offer. We are now shifting to a new daily post - Local Natural Wonders in Maine and New Hampshire! Each day for 100 days, we will be sharing a special outdoor place, accessible to the public. Many hiking trails, lakes, waterfalls, and seaside vistas (and more!) will be included, and we hope you will plan to visit some, if not all of these beautiful spots!

Today’s Local Natural Wonder is Florida Lake in Freeport, Maine:

Hidden away in Freeport is Florida Lake (its shape resembles the state of Florida). There is plenty of wildlife, plant life and forested areas surrounding the lake. It’s an easy hike to the lake, followed by trails branching off and encircling this body of water.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the blue Florida Lake sign on Route 125, as it can be easy to miss! Once you turn onto the gravel road from Route 125, you will follow it between two residential properties to the parking area. Bring some insect repellent and enjoy this beautiful walk!

From the Freeport Conservation Trust website: A 167-acre property owned by the Town of Freeport, the large, shallow lake and surrounding wetlands are excellent habitat for waterfowl and a wide variety of birds, as well as beaver, deer and moose. From the parking area a flat path provides easy access to the lake. Hiking trails branch off the gravel path and pass through mature forests and by wetlands and streams. The trails can be very wet: boots and a sense of adventure are recommended. Dogs must be on-leash or under voice command at all times and pet waste must be carried out. Directions:  Take Route 136 north of I-295. At the blinking yellow light, turn right onto Route 125 (Wardtown Road.)  Drive 2.4 miles to a blue sign on the right. Follow the gravel access road over a bridge to the parking area. MAP


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