Local Natural Wonders - Day 15

day 15

Local Natural Wonders Day 15 - Giant’s Stairs on Bailey Island, Maine

Giant’s Stairs is a unique rock formation within the rocky shoreline, overlooking Casco Bay. A short easy trail takes you along the shore to Giant’s Stairs and Thunder Hole, both worth visiting at this gorgeous location. We recommend packing a picnic lunch to enjoy while you are there.

This trail is part of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s McIntosh Preserve and Giant’s Stairs are managed by the Town of Harswell.

From the Harpswell Land Trust website:

The rock formations here are a geologist’s dream, but even a layman can appreciate the gigantic forces that shaped this coastline going back 500 million years.  Layers of mud formed the original sedimentary rock, along with deposits of minerals that later crystallized into quartz and garnet.  Movements in the Earth’s crust pushed the rock layers upward, causing massive buckling and cracking.  Gradually, hot magma from deep below the surface flowed into one large crack and formed a vertical seam of dark basalt rock, known to scientists as an “intrusive volcanic dike.”  Erosion of the basalt during 200 million years led to what we now call the Giant’s Stairs.


Parking is located at 19 Ocean Street, Bailey Island. From Cook’s Corner in Brunswick, follow Rt 24 south for 14.5 miles, crossing the Cribstone Bridge. Turn left on Washington Ave. Please be respectful to the land owners surrounding this property. Park at the Episcopal Chapel at the intersection of Washington Ave and Ocean St (except during services) or at the four designated spots along Washington Ave. MAP



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