Local Natural Wonders - Day 18


Local Natural Wonders Day 17 - Littlejohn Island Preserve in Yarmouth, Maine

Littlejohn Island Preserve is 23 acres, owned and managed by Royal River Conservation Trust. This coastal preserve includes a fairly flat and wide 1.3 mile trail with scenic views and access to the rocky shoreline. Visitors will likely see a variety of migrant birds and may even catch a bald eagle or osprey along the shore. There are even a few picnic tables - a perfect place to enjoy lunch with a view!

Parking is very limited here, so it is best to go during off-peak hours (avoid weekends in the summer), and if you find the small parking lot full, you can park on Cousins Island and walk to the trailhead or explore other trails on Cousins Island.

Please note these parking restrictions from RRCT:

“Parking rules are simple: four cars only. Only in the parking lot. Sunrise to sunset. Never on the shoulders. Never at the end of the lane. Parking is typically at capacity during both summer and winter weekends; please visit our other preserves, or plan to walk or bicycle from your home, or from head-of-island parking spots. This preserve is frequently at capacity, any time of day, any time of year, requiring visitors arriving by car to turn around and go elsewhere. The parking lot is strictly closed from dusk to dawn. Police take notice.

The preserve has only one small parking lot, just before the stone gate, limited to four cars. If the parking lot is full, as it often is, please return to the either end of either the Cousins or Littlejohn causeways for parking, or explore other beaches and preserves. Please never park on any road shoulders, even those shoulders that are not signed for “no parking.” The Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT) does not own the road or road shoulders, not even those mowed road shoulders that abut our preserve ownership or our preserve parking. RRCT does not invite, nor do road owners allow, any party to park on the road shoulders or the end of the lane.”







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