Local Natural Wonders - Day 50


Local Natural Wonders Day 50 - Streaked Mountain in Buckfield, Maine

Just under 700 feet in elevation, Streaked Mountain offers a 1.1 mile out and back trail (Streaked Mountain Trail) that is a bit challenging, but offers beautiful views and plenty of wildflowers to enjoy. The first part of the trail is wooded and one should watch out for prominent roots and loose rocks underfoot. As the trail continues up the steep granite face of the mountain (this is where it gets a bit more challenging), wild blueberries can be found all over in the month of August. At the summit, you will find some power lines and towers, but the incredible views of surrounding peaks, including Mount Washington in NH seem to make up for that. Streaked Mountain Trail connects to several other trails and mountains, so there is the option to keep going (but be sure you have a trail map and preferably a compass with you).

Streaked Mountain is located between Hebron, South Paris and Buckfield, and the Streaked Mountain Trail can be accessed from Buckfield Road.





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