Local Natural Wonders - Day 51


Local Natural Wonders Day 51 - Angel Falls in Township D, Maine

Getting to Angel Falls is not easy, but the spectacular falls are worth the few miles of driving on gravel roads and several creek crossings on the trail. The trail itself is one mile out and back and only rises about 250 feet in elevation. Crossing the creeks may require some rock hopping, and when the water is low it is easy to stay dry. If the water is a bit higher, it may be necessary to wade across (ankle to knee deep). The water can get quite high with stronger currents after a lot of rain, so it may be best to avoid this trail during those times.

The 90-foot tiered waterfall is named “Angel Falls” because some say it takes the shape of an angel when the water flow is right. 115-foot high cliffs surround the falls and on a hot day, a refreshing dip in the pool below the falls is quite refreshing. Angel Falls is a Maine natural wonder not to be missed!

Route 17 to Bemis Rd will take you to the trail head, but it is not highly visible, so be on the lookout for it.



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