Local Natural Wonders - Day 53


Local Natural Wonders Day 53 - Sprague Pond Preserve in Phippsburg, ME

Sprague Pond is a deep, cold spring-fed pond that is nearly ten acres and can be found on Sprague Pond Preserve. Off Route 209, the 114 acre preserve has a trail that winds past a beaver pond and dam, over a footbridge, and through a wooded area to Sprague Pond. The trail then follows along the shore. Just beyond the beaver dam, the trail intersects with the Sprague Pond Loop Trail. The loop to the right runs along the west side of Sprague Pond, past Skull Falls, a seasonal waterfall, over a stream, and into The Nature Conservancy’s Basin Preserve. Taking the trail to the left leads to one of the largest Pitch Pine woodlands in Maine, known as Pasture Ridge. Then follow this trail to an open field called “Green Piece,” fenced area protecting a newly planted chestnut tree orchard and north parking area, or turn back south to return to Sprague Pond, for a five mile hike.

Visit the Phippsburg Land Trust below for directions to Sprague Pond Preserve.



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