Local Natural Wonders - Day 64


Local Natural Wonders Day 64 - Powell Point Trail in Freeport, Maine

This 0.8 mile family-friendly, wooded trail has a couple of short, steep hills but ends with a spectacular view of Cousins River and Royal River before leading to Casco Bay. A side trail passes a salt marsh, which is also worth exploring. The beginning of the trail has a large amount of tree roots, which can be a fun obstacle for children to climb over. Wet or muddy areas are covered with planks.


Directions from FCT: The trailhead is on Lambert Road, approximately 1 mile from the intersection with South Freeport Road. Park in the paved turnout on the left side of Lambert Road, just before the unpaved
section. Be sure to leave space for a school bus to turn around. From the parking area, walk along the unpaved section of Lambert Road; the trail begins on the right before the first driveway and is marked with a small diamond-shaped FCT sign near a plank over the ditch. Parking is available from April 16- Oct 31.


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