Sponsor a Class

Help Us Provide Free Nature Classes to Our Local Community


Sponsor a Family Class
We hold classes for all ages, most being family-oriented, with activities centered around nature connection, wilderness skills and nature literacy. We charge participants for our classes, but when we have a Sponsor covering the costs for a class, members of our local community can participate at no cost. This helps us to support Maine's economic diversity and make these types of classes readily accessible to all. Examples of classes include Foraging, Survival Shelter Construction, Campfire Cooking, Nature Yoga, Cattail Basket Weaving and Wooden Spoon Carving.

Past Sponsors

What's Included With Your Sponsorship:

  • Mention of Sponsor with link to their website in the event on Through the Trees' website
  • Social media posts on Instagram and Facebook promoting the walk with sponsor name and link
  • A Facebook Event with Sponsor's name in the description
  • Mention of the Walk and Sponsor in Enewsletter to Through the Trees contacts (about 1,800)

If you would like to sponsor a Story Adventure Walk, please email support@throughthetrees.org.