Running June 13 to August 18, 2022

Through The Trees Summer Nature Immersion Program takes place on our Freeport, Maine property - over 50 beautiful wooded acres with trails, gardens, a pond, field and the beautiful Frost Gully Brook. Kids and teens spend their time outdoors exploring, learning nature skills, making new friends and having wholesome, unplugged fun!

Our dedicated staff include Registered Maine Guides (RMG), RMG-in-training and Teen Mentors who have been participants in our program. Each Guide and Teen Mentor is trained in (and continues to learn and practice) various wilderness skills, nature literacy and mindfulness tools. Our team is passionate about being outside in nature and sharing this passion with children and teens in a way that supports responsible risk-taking and self-directed learning and exploration in the natural world.

During our Summer Session, we:

  • Connect with and fully immerse ourselves into the natural world

  • Follow our noses through self-directed learning and play

  • Use a hands on and project-based approach to learning

  • Build self-awareness and resilience by incrementally pushing past our comfort zones in a supportive environment

  • Build strong friendships through group projects that require teamwork, creative problem solving and communication

  • Create a community that fosters a sense of deep connection and belonging

Choose from 3 Week Sessions in June, July and August or sign up for all 9 Weeks of Summer Session.

Children can attend between 1 and 4 days per week. Single weeks are not offered at this time.

As a 501(c)3 non profit organization, we strive to make our programs available and affordable for as many families as possible. We are always balancing this with the expenses of operating a business, which includes our desire to hire and retain passionate, skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Funding through donations, supporting a camper, sponsorships and events contribute to our scholarship fund and other expenses. We are grateful for every dollar that helps to sustain Through the Trees and our mission to guide others in meaningful nature immersion experiences.

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Summer Offerings

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