Coming together during the Full and New Moons to release, manifest, and celebrate

For centuries many cultures have followed the phases of the moon, aligning routines and rituals with the cyclical energies. The Full Moon is known to be nourishing, powerful and symbolic of the divine feminine. It is a time to create space, get quiet, reflect and celebrate! The New Moon can be a beautiful time to "begin again." At the time of the New Moon, we set intentions, aligning ourselves with what we want for ourselves and the collective.

Upcoming Full Moon Circles (In-person)

Our Full Moon Circle will take place in our beautiful forested setting in Freeport. We will meet next to the parking area to take a short hike (less than 0.2 miles, easy, mostly flat) to our campfire location. Enjoy some herbal tea and snuggle up by the fire as we offer a discussion of full moon energy, guided meditation, some Qi gong movements, and a fire burning ceremony. We will also have the chance to write down and, if desired, share aloud what we want to release and what we want to celebrate (bringing more of this into our lives)! Please bring your own cup for tea. Please be sure to dress warmly. For ages 14 and up.

Items to bring:

Cup/mug for tea

Journal or notebook and pen/pencil

Flashlight or headlamp

Wear layers/warm clothing

Blanket (optional)

Folding chair (optional - stump seating is available)

Full Moon Circle, February

Saturday, February 27: Snow Moon

Cost: $20

This event has been cancelled due to incliment weather.

Full Moon Circle, March

Saturday, March 27: Worm Moon

Cost: $20

Count me in!

Full Moon Circle: April

Tuesday, April 27: Pink Moon

Cost: $20

Count Me In!

Upcoming New Moon Ritual (Virtual)

Saturday, March 13 at 8:00 to 8:30pm

Join Through the Trees Guides, Jenn and Kendall, for a virtual New Moon Ritual. The New Moon is a time to get clear on how you want to live your best life and be your best self and then set intentions that align with these energies. It's a time for new beginnings and undertakings - a time to start fresh. This New Moon Ritual will include a brief guided meditation, some writing and clearing of your space to start fresh with the energies of this lunar cycle.

Cost: By donation

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