Running June 7 to August 26

Through The Trees nature immersion programs take place on our new Freeport, Maine property - over 50 beautiful wooded acres with trails, gardens, a pond, field and the beautiful Frost Gully Brook. Kids and teens spend their time outdoors exploring, learning nature skills, making new friends and having wholesome, unplugged fun! Children can attend between 1 and 4 days per week for the duration of the summer session.

During our Summer Session, we:

  • Connect with and fully immerse ourselves into the natural world

  • Follow our noses through self-directed learning and play

  • Use a hands on and project-based approach to learning

  • Build self-awareness and resilience by incrementally pushing past our comfort zones in a supportive environment

  • Build strong friendships through group projects that require teamwork, creative problem solving and communication

  • Create a community that fosters a sense of deep connection and belonging

*We recognize that kids don’t all develop at the same rate. For kids who are on the line between age groups, our staff will work with parents to make an assessment as to which group seems most appropriate based on personality, ability and group dynamics. Children must be at least 4 years old by the start of the program to join Maple.



Countdown to our first Day of Summer Session!