A Teen Girls Empowerment Group Surrounded by Nature

This group is full.

Dandelion is our Teen Girls Empowerment Group, taking place on our beautiful forested property in Freeport, Maine. Dandelion is a very resilient plant that can adapt and grow in challenging conditions, all while spreading happiness and joy. It is symbolic of the warmth and power of the sun, lasting happiness and youthful joy, healing, and emotional and spiritual intelligence. 

Each session of this group will be a mix of games, nature connection activities, mindfulness practice, guided discussion, small group/pair sharing, and solo reflection time. This group runs for 5 Mondays from July 5th to August 2nd, from 6:00 to 7:30pm. 

Dates: July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2

Cost: $150

Is this group a good fit? Please complete this questionnaire for our facilitators to review.

We want participants in this group to gain:

  • Community and connection with other girls - you are not alone!
  • Self-acceptance and compassion for self and others
  • Understanding of how the nervous system responds to stress and how nature based practices can support nervous system regulation
  • A sense of agency, in particular, how your unique self can make a positive impact in your relationships and community
  • A deeper relationship with the natural world
  • Experiencing taking care of yourself and supporting others/the earth

This group is for:

  • Ages 12-15  
  • Girls/girl identified folks
  • Girls who may be feeling a little adrift, overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, anxious, disconnected, self-critical, or sad (all of which makes perfect sense, especially after the past year!)
  • Girls who are comfortable being in the woods for 90 minutes at a time
  • Maximum: 8 participants, Minimum 5 participants



This group has 2 facilitators to ensure physical and emotional well-being at all times.  Corie Washow is a clinical mental health counselor with a private practice in Freeport supporting adolescents and adults. Her work is rooted in ecotherapy--healing in reciprocal relationship with the natural world.  Noa Shems offers support through survivor advocacy, chaplaincy, and as a full-spectrum doula. As a farmer and artist, her work is rooted in the intersections of support with creative expression and nature.