Teen Campouts

Join us for one, several, or all!  Surrounded by field and forest, teens are immersed in nature for the duration and will be given plenty of time to simply chill and hangout with other teens. Tents will be provided, or teens who are inspired to build shelters can choose to sleep in their shelters. There will be opportunities for exploring and cooling off at Frost Gully Brook, games such as flashlight tag, stargazing, and s'mores.

Each campout includes:

  • Dinner cooked over our campfire
  • Flashlight tag, capture the flag and other games
  • Camping out in tents, in shelters or under the stars
  • Campfire Breakfast

Through The Trees will provide a detailed gear list and all food for the overnight.

The Teen Campouts are open to all levels and are independent of each other. 

Campouts will be held in rain or shine unless weather is extreme (such as high winds, downpours or heat index of 100 or more), which may result in cancellation.

Ages: 13-16

Drop Off: Day 1 at 4:00PM

Pick Up: Day 2 at 10:00AM

Cost: $100/Campout

Family Discount: When enrolling more than one teen, enter coupon code FAMILY to receive 10% off each child

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Teen Wilderness 24-Hour Survival Challenges

Teens will arrive at Through The Trees in Freeport, Maine and will promptly load into our 15-passenger van to be transported to our Survival Challenge grounds located in Otisfield, Maine.

Immersed in the beauty and spontaneity of the natural world, teens will be challenged to go beyond their comfort zones as they dive into the elements of what it takes to survive and thrive in the wilderness.  They will strengthen self-awareness, deepen their wilderness skills and gain experience in teamwork, collaborative problem solving and leadership. Through The Trees Guides will provide a set of parameters for the experience and then will gently facilitate and guide participants to encourage individual transformational moments. These challenges will foster resilience and offer an opportunity for a deep connection to nature. The challenges will be outdoors, rain/snow or shine (unless weather is extreme).

Possible skills to be covered are fire building, shelter construction, knife and tool use, wild edible food, and orienteering.

The Survival Challenges are open to teens who have a good grasp on basic survival skills such as fire building, tool use and are comfortable spending a full 24-hours deep in the woods in any weather condition.  The survival challenges are independent of each other.  However, for a teen looking to do both, their skills will certainly build with each challenge they complete.

Through The Trees will provide a detailed gear list and all food during the challenges.

Ages: 13-16

Drop Off: Day 1 at 3:00PM

Pick Up: Dat 2 at 5:00PM

Cost: $150/Challenge

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